LoadPalette.c File Reference

Adobe Color Table (.act) loader. More...


TLN_Palette TLN_LoadPalette (const char *filename)
 Loads a palette from a standard .act file. More...

Detailed Description

Adobe Color Table (.act) loader.

Function Documentation

TLN_Palette TLN_LoadPalette ( const char *  filename)

Loads a palette from a standard .act file.

filenameACT file containing the palette to load
A reference to the newly loaded palette, or NULL if error
Palettes are also automatically created when loading tilesets and spritesets. Use the functions TLN_GetTilesetPalette() and TLN_GetSpritesetPalette() to retrieve them.
See also
TLN_GetTilesetPalette(), TLN_GetSpritesetPalette()