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TLN_SetSpritePivot with C# Binding
I wanted to move the pivots of my sprites around but I noticed that that C# binding didn't have the function implemented, I didn't think much of it and added it myself. For reference I put it in the Sprite struct and added it according to how you've implemented everything else. However when trying to call it I get: 

System.EntryPointNotFoundException: 'Unable to find an entry point named 'TLN_SetSpritePivot' in DLL 'Tilengine'.'

Is there a reason as to why the function isn't in the binding?

Here's the code I added for reference:
       [return: MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.I1)]
       private static extern bool TLN_SetSpritePivot(int nsprite, float px, float py);
/// <summary>
       /// </summary>
       /// <param name="nsprite"></param>
       /// <param name="px"></param>
       /// <param name="py"></param>
       public void SetPivot(int nsprite, float px, float py) {
           bool ok = TLN_SetSpritePivot(nsprite, px, py);
Binaries at weren't updated to 2.9.1, so they didn't had pivot implemented. Now I've just updated them, so you can grab them and have sprite pivot enabled.
Thanks for trying it!
Updated and works, Thanks! Shy
Great! Good to know   Smile

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