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Tilengine 2.0 goes LGPL full open source
Tilengine is now a complete open source project. I've released the full source code under the LGPL license, that allows usage in closed source applications as well as in open source projects.

I've opened it because Tilengine is now a mature project that requires more work than I can do in my spare time. Previous version was released under the MIT license, but kept the rendering core as a closed source component, distributed as a prebuilt binary. I hope that this movement will encourage more people to adopt it, either to use in their own projects, or to contribute to it helping to expand the Tilengine community.

GitHub project doesn't include prebuilt binaries or external dependencies anymore. If you don't want to build the library yourself, the official place to get the prebuilt binaries for every supported platform is in its profile, just as before. Please keep in mind that as of this writing, binaries on aren't yet updated and still hold old MIT-licensed 1.21 binaries. I'll post a note when they get updated.

This new 2.0 release number reflects the change of philosophy. This release is nearly the same as the older 1.21, but has a new feature: the ability to create multiple instances of the engine and switch between them with a global context mechanism.
The closed source nature of 1.21 was the largest sticking point for me, personally, so I'm happy to see this change. It's not a huge impact on my current project, but it means that I'm more comfortable continuing to use Tilengine, without having to worry about long term support from one maintainer.
Excellent! I'm pleased to see this. I hope that it will lead to a vibrant Tilengine community. Smile
Thanks man! That's the point of opening it Smile I hope to make it grow and attract more people, too

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