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Basic Embedding
I finally got around to putting together a more complete tutorial on this subject, and added it to my website. Here's a link.

Mad Wonder's Guide to Embedding Tilengine in Unity

Hopefully it is easy enough to follow. I included a zip file with most of the used assets, including a copy of the final script file. I also re-factored the script to be a bite more generic. I included that UpdateFrame reference you mentioned, and I also calculated and constructed the byte array on my own instead of relying on the Texture2D for retrieval. I tested it in Unity 5.6 as well as Unity 2018.3, and it worked perfectly in both. It should work on just about any version of Unity, but any version before 5.0 will require the Pro license. Pre-5.0 versions of Unity would only let you use native plug-ins if you had the Pro license, and Tilengine would definitely fall under that restriction. Most people have already upgraded to 5.0 or above, though, so I don't think it should be a problem.

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