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Tilengine 2.3.0 adds encrypted package loader
Hi folks,

I've just released Tilengine 2.3.0 with the ability to load assets from a pre-packaged and optionally encrypted resource package. Packages are created with a new general purpose open source packager I've published here:

I haven't yet published any example documenting it's usage, but it certainly works and it's pretty easy to use. Read full note here:
Thank you very much, it is very useful.
It is already tested in Linux, it works perfect.


 $ ~/Code/ResourcePacker/respack/a.out list.txt  
pack - packages resources with optional AES-128 encryption
built on Mar 19 2019 21:17:09
(c) 2019 megamarc                                                                                                                     

2 assets packed

Example "ColorCycle.c"
/* load resources */
 TLN_OpenResourcePack("assets/list.dat", NULL);
TLN_SetLoadPath ("color");
background = TLN_LoadBitmap ("beach.png");
palette    = TLN_GetBitmapPalette (background);
sp    = TLN_LoadSequencePack ("beach.sqx");
sequence   = TLN_FindSequence (sp, "beach");
Congratulations for testing it so quickly without any example :-) it's just as you did in your post. I'm glad it works on linux out of the box too

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