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Falconet - Made with Tilengine
Yes, we wanted to be true to the collision detection of old games and give it an authentic feel Smile
A new devlog with new enemies!
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(07-31-2021, 01:03 AM)Daniel H. Wrote: A new devlog with new enemies!
Cool! Thanks for sharing, keep the good work
Hi everyone,

We have released an update of our alpha build which is available for download

Some of the updates include:
- An all-new level
- 3 new enemies with different behaviors
- Coloured doors with generators that need to be destroyed to unlock the doors

Development is still on-going and we value your feedback, so let us know if you have any suggestions Smile
I've done some play tests Cool  I've noticed input is somewhat erratic, especially when there's a gamepad connected. I tested with a Logitech XInput compatible. I see you use built-in Tilengine window -the CRT effect shows when pressing Backspace key-, but you must be bypassing its input mechanism and doing something custom, because the right thumbstick is not exposed by tilengine. Maybe there are some conflict in the input layer?

Other than that, it is solid and I havent experienced any crash.

Cool chiptune music! Reminds me of the Sega Genesis/Megadrive, on par with the art style.

Did you manage to integrate encrypted assets with ResourcePacker?
Hi Marc,

Thanks for doing some play tests Smile We have a new release that fixes that issue with the XInput controller. We did have to bypass some of the built in Tilengine controls. This is because UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT on the keyboard are for firing, but on a controller we use it for directional movement.

Glad you like the style Smile The Sega Genesis/Megadrive games are the exact style we are going for.

I didn't end up integrating assets using ResourcePacker just yet. I found a way how to bundle it all into a single executable with PyInstaller. It's not as secure as encrypting the assets, but it's good enough for now and should deter most people who may want to steal assets.
Hi Daniel,

Thanks to you for pushing Tilengine, it helps finding bugs and improving it! Sorry for the blocks you find from time to time.

PyInstaller is very convenient to distribute the end product, as it packages the runtime, application code, assets... without requiring the user to set up everything by hand.

Is it a problem reading joystick input from another source? Doesn't Tilengine interfere with it? May I ask how you're doing this? I've never tried to use the built-in window but capture input from another source...

Yes, the Sega Genesis/Megadrive style you're producing is very apparent. At least for me, I owned this console as a young teen and played with it a lot for some years!
Hi Marc,

We did have to implement a few workarounds and disable a few controls in Tilengine windowing to get it working using a controller from another source. But in our latest release I opted out of using the built in Tilengine windowing. The time came where we needed more customizable windowing and controller implementations. So now we are using only the graphics engine in Tilenegine.

You can try our latest release here:
How did you implemented splash screens with company and game names?
For example, cocos2d-x has Scene entities, which can be replaced. 
But how did you do it with Tilengine? Separate TMX map with splash image?
Please give me advice.
Hi there!

The splash screens are simply bitmap images that I display using TLN_LoadBitmap and then calling TLN_SetBGBitmap. That pretty much it.

It's by no means how it will be in the final product because we will have navigable menus etc, but it works for now.

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