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Falconet - Made with Tilengine
Hi Daniel!

How are you doing? I've seek Kickstarter trailer in Steam for Falconet, and gameplay looks cooler than ever!

Let me know if you have some issues or need support.

Hi Daniel,
I've pushed update 2.11.0 to GitHub, that adds the possibility of using up to 8 different tilesets on a single tiled layer.
Hi Marc,

Thanks for much for taking the time to add that update! I see you also updated it so that animations can be paused Smile All these features make things much easier for us.

With regards to our Kickstarter, we have decided not to go ahead with it. We will continue to self fund the game as we work on it in our spare time, and focus on getting the game released.
Hi Daniel!
Glad to know that new features are useful for your project :-)
I suppose that being on kickstarter puts quite some pression that is not good for a project that is being developed and funded in spare time.

I've updated Python binding, too. You can check the forum post here:

Most new interesting feature for you is full type hinting annotations, that allow IDEs to autolist object members and so, gaining productivity.

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