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Tilengine Anim Suite
I made a tool use to generate the sequence and atlas descriptor files needed when creating sprites, the video is one of the first version, it's still pretty buggy in places but someday soon I plan on releasing it so other people can use it. 

Also in the video I never showed the actual generated files so I'm attaching the text of those as well

Sequence File:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF - 8"?>

   <sequence name="Idle" delay="5" loop="0">

Atlas Descriptor:
1 = 0 0 30 39
2 = 30 0 30 39
3 = 60 0 30 39
4 = 90 0 30 39
5 = 120 0 30 39

The .TileAnim file is just a json string containing the path to the sprite sheets and the frame data, it was easier than loading the sequence file again or I would have just loaded it the same way tilengine does.

Let me know what you think! I'm sure I'm not the first person to do this but I'm pretty proud of this little tool Biggrin
Just found out about the texture packer ( so I'm definitely gonna update the app to export the same type of json

I might even just chuck the atlas description file generation all together and just have it export the sequence files, unless there's another program that can generate those. In that case I'll keep both file types the app can serve the function of both apps combined into one. Lemme know what you think.

Good work, and thanks for your contribution! Smile 

Nowadays the .sqx format is only used for color cycle animation, but is kept for backwards compatibility with old code.
There's a function called TLN_CreateSpriteSequence() that allows creation of a sprite-based sequence from a numbered sequence of sprites inside a given spritesheet. This is more convenient, as the graphics artist just needs to give numbered names to sprite fames and the engine will build the sequence, without the need of an additional sqx file.

Please take a look at forest.c:

And this is the corresponding spriteset file:

As you can see, Tilengine also reads standarised .json atlas format used by many engines and authoring tools. So you can tweak your new tool so it outputs this same format, with numbered sequence of named frames, and the engine will do the rest with a single API call to build the sequence.

Let me know how it progress!
Definitely taking a look at it now, shouldn't be too hard to change how the app exports. Thanks  Biggrin
(06-27-2022, 12:13 PM)jackjohnson Wrote: What program should I use to make sprites?

Aseprite is the best pixel art software in my opinion

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