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Forum online again
Hi folks,

Forum has been offline since some days ago. Database reached file size limit of 3 Gb imposed by my ISP (Hostinger). Instead of sending an alert email, they locked database access to the forum application. Thanks God I'm a sysadmin myself and I'm used to tinker with SQL databases, so I shrunk the database size -most of the size was taken by ancent session logs and other disposable stuff. However access was still locked. I contacted them for help, as the database was inside allowed parameters and I could access it remotely without problem. They opened a support ticket but said that it could take long to fix. So I dumped the locked databse, created a new one with another username, changed myBB config to point to the new one, and voila! Forum online again.

I'm seriously thinking about moving my hosting from managed provider to self-administered AWS account, as I already have experience with this platform.

Sorry for the inconveniences this downtime may have caused.

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