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Enable ssl (e.g. via let's encrypt)?

this websites is still using plain http. Is there any intention to switch to https, e.g. using Let's Encrypt?

Hi Thacoon,

To be honest I don't have any plans, but I have nothing against considering it either. I don't have deep knowledge about this. I run this forum inside my ISP hosting, they provide a prepackaged installer that set up everything. I manually update it directly from myBB site from time to time. On their documentation there is a chapter about setting up https (, but it's not a trivial thing, as getting the SSL certificate is just a step in configuration process. This forum doesn't hold any kind of sensitive data so I really haven't considered the need for it.

However if someone is willing to do the task, I would grant temporary access to the server files to do the maintenance.
My ISP (Hostinger) doesn't offer Let's encrypt nor SSH access to add it myself. They sell their own SSL certificates, that's the reason.

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