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Weird threads! Bots?
Hello! I noticed an annoying issue. There are some weird threads in the Tilengine Support forum. It happens quite frequently. Are them written by bots? If it's the case, you probably should add a Captcha check to mitigate the issue. Theses bots may bring users to armful links.

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Yes that's true. Nearly every single day I have to manually ban accounts because of spammers. I have serevral hundreds of permanently banned accounts already. I don't remember well, but I think that I enabled some form of captcha when registering. However I prefer a bit of spam and manual clean, that put too restrictive checks that may discourage legitimate ursers. I find really annoying those kind of captchas that show a gird of abiguous images and make you "select which ones have a semaphore" for example
Yeah that kind of captchas are annoying

I absolutely don't understand why they spam on this forum. There is nothing to gain to do that. Even weirder, they had the email service status or something like that, and I couldn't report them

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