TLN_TileInfo Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint16_t index
uint16_t flags
int row
int col
int xoffset
int yoffset
uint8_t color
uint8_t type
bool empty

Detailed Description

Tile information returned by TLN_GetLayerTile()

Field Documentation

uint16_t TLN_TileInfo::index

tile index

uint16_t TLN_TileInfo::flags


int TLN_TileInfo::row

row number in the tilemap

int TLN_TileInfo::col

col number in the tilemap

int TLN_TileInfo::xoffset

horizontal position inside the title

int TLN_TileInfo::yoffset

vertical position inside the title

uint8_t TLN_TileInfo::color

color index at collision point

uint8_t TLN_TileInfo::type

tile type

bool TLN_TileInfo::empty

cell is empty