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Hi and two questions regarding C#
(11-21-2020, 07:38 AM)megamarc Wrote: First error is somewhat related to graphics subsystem of your linux distro. Tilengine uses SDL2 as a back-end to manage the window and the OpenGL context (GLX). You're getting errors from GLX, that is between SDL2 and graphics driver. I have Ubuntu in my dev environment and have never had any issue of this kind.

Oh I see. So it is a coincidence that it only happened with the C#-based samples and not the C-based samples? I've chosen PopOS because from what I understand it is pretty directly based on Ubuntu with some convenient additions. I might put Ubuntu on a different PC and see how it goes there. 

(11-21-2020, 07:38 AM)megamarc Wrote: SuperMarioClone is binary compatible with the latest release of Tilengine library. I take care of not breaking compatibility with newer releases, unless it is a must. I've just tested it right now. I use Windows, again I don't know what happens on other OS/distros...

That is nice! How much has the API changed from the example? Can SuperMarioClone still be used as a rough guide for using the C#-API or will it be too confusing?
I have a dual boot with Windows since I am pretty new to Linux, so can always go there if necessary. I just like Linux for working, because it feels much less noisy and more focused in my experience..


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