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Multiple Gamepad inputs? And a couple more buttons?
Hi Daniel!
How're you doing? Are you progressing in your game development? Have you managed to write an importer for your custom tilemap format to tilengine?
Hi Marc,

I'm well, thanks! And thanks for asking about the game development Smile We decided to write our game from scratch using Python, which was one of the ideas I previously mentioned. But I am still keen to try and get Tilengine to work with the old game I built - at least some time in the future.

We are making progress with our Python game - although slow because we are building the game in our spare time. We had a few challenges getting the Sprite .png files working with Tilengine. It had to do with the transparency of the images. Myself and the game designer (who happens to be my brother-in-law) were actually thinking, if you would be okay with it, that we could help contribute to the Tilengine documentation. We are learning things about Tilengine as we go that aren't in the docs that we think would help other people. It could be our way of paying it forward and helping to develop the Tilengine community Smile
Hi Daniel!

Your contribution to the Tilengine documentation wuold be great, of course! I know it lacks proper documentation in some areas, and Tilengine has grown to a large project that is too much work for a single person, it needs help from the community to grow and spread.
I've kept the rendering core closed from the beginning, but now I think it doesn't give any benefit. I'm seriously considering opening the full source code under LGPL license, so anybody can contribute to it. Until now only some parts are open under the MIT license (bindings and samples)

Let's get in touch about it. And good luck with your python game!

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