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Colour Cycling
Are you planing to upgrade the python binding to reflect Release 1.21's core library changes through it’s binding to PySDL2?
I am using Tilengine on Macitosh & Raspberry Pi and I noticed you haven’t posted about Release 1.21 on the Raspberry Pi Forum is this because there is no update to the python binding, so if one is using Tilengine with pyhton, there will be no advantage to upgrading to the new release?
Oh by the way, when one installs the new release do you have to uninstall the old release or do you just reinstall the new release over the old one?
Yes, that's something that I should do soon!

However I have to figure out how to implement the last change without forcing users to install PySDL2 if they don't want to use the SDL event callback. In the original C library it's easy because C has incomplete/anonymous/opaque types support (call them whatever you want), but Python is different. But Python is my preferred language for prototyping and I want to have this feature implemented too.

I haven't updated the Raspberry target because I have tu plug it, connect, transfer files and blah blah, and nobody seems to be using it (download count in is quite low and nobody talks about it in the forums), but I'll update it too.
Useful tips on colour cycling from Mark Ferrari… on YouTube “8 Bit & '8 Bitish' Graphics-Outside the Box”
Thanks for the link! I already watched that video some time ago, it's full of clever ideas for graphic artists. All the graphics used in tilengine "color cycle" project repository ( is original artwork by Mark Ferrary, you can watch many of them in its GDC video
GrafX2 a great program for colour cycling (still in development!!!)... YouTube tutorial: “GrafX2: Indexed Color Cycling Animation”
Great tutorial! I know about Grafx2, I even have it installed, but I find the UI a bit daunting. Of course it's not the tool's fault, just that I'm not used to this kind of user interface as I used to be in the DOS era. I know Grafx2 is a very capable tool that can be used to create seamless tilesets too.

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