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Sprite Rotation
Yeah - I was showing a co-worker a video of an Atari 2600 game, and explaining how those black lines on the left hand side was the CPU being told to actually process the game logic while it skipped over those pixels during those cycles, instead of drawing to the screen.

And his response was "Wouldn't you just leave the colour that was there before?" And I replied "You're assuming it had video ram to 'leave things behind' in..." Smile
How did Yoshi's Island/Super FX 2 rotate sprites?
The Super FX chip renders textured polygons to a framebuffer on its own. Think of it as a kind of primitive 3D accelerator. The SNES couldn't rotate or scale sprites.
Hahah, maybe someone could make a "Super FX Chip" add-on for Tilengine Smile

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