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I noticed (on Chrome anyway) that if I type a traditional smiley face (with the colon and bracket) it comes out as the word "Smile" after I post, which looks funny.

Yes, I've noticed that where any icon or smiley should appear, it is replaced by a short descriptive text. It happens all across the forum, not just on the editor. Digging a bit I found that the theme declares these images as .gif files, but they're distributed as .png files. It seems a bug on MyBB default theme. I'm going to fix it
I've uploaded gif versions of the images as the theme description expects. They look ugly, but at least they show up now. I'll see if there's an easy way to tell the theme to load png instead of gif without messing with the forum source code...
Cool, I see it working Smile
Now message icons at the top of the edit window show clean .png pictures instead of the older, coarse gifs. I have to do the same with in-message smileys!
I see it... ah but now when I try to type a smiley it does something really weird!!

Below is a link to a video of me trying to type "I see it Smile Very cool!"  (I had to paste that one together to get it to work).  Watch what happens -  you see the smiley appear briefly then when I type the V, it kills the smiley and adds another colon?  You could probably disable the inline conversion and let it just convert them after you press Post Reply or Preview (if that's an option.)
Oh the issues in these forums are going to kill me... Cry

You're right, this happens to me too. There are gazillion options in the administration panel related to MyCode. I'll try to fix it.

BTW, do you know GifCam application? It captures animated gifs that you can insert directly in forums. Look at this attached gif:

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This seems to be an open bug in SCEditor, the text editor used inside myBB:

It just happens inside the WYSIWYG editor, but if you click in the icons in the left it will show ok. I could disable smileys, but this is a global setting that affects every editor.
I checked out GIFCam, looks like a nice option Smile 

Gyazo is pretty good though, it starts on a hot key, click twice to set bounding box, it starts recording and when it's done it immediately uploads to their cloud server and I have an URL to paste right away, it's very very quick Smile But I had to paste the video URL because the GIF URL had dropped too many frames to capture the actual error. It provides both URLs up front and you can just copy which one you want.

GIFCam gives you way more control while still being simple, and creating nice smooth, sharp and compact GIF animations, I'm very impressed.  But it does require the extra step of uploading - plus it will hit your storage space instead, which may not be a big issue but always good to keep in mind.  (Though I do hate coming across very old forum posts where all the externally hosted images have expired Biggrin)

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