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Documentation menu on website
This is a website issue, not a forum issue; but I noticed the "Documentation" menu on the website lists 2 options - C/C++, and Python.

When in fact if you open C/C++ you get instructions for the awesome C# as well. This should be mentioned on the menu so people aren't misled, thinking it's only C/C++!
I see, I just grabbed the GitHub as-is, and the first part covers general setup, not just C/C++. It should live on its own "Getting started" sub-menu, right?
Yeah I think that should do it Smile

To me it seems like what's in the C/C++ sub menu can really be the "full manual", because it shouldn't be much to look up the correct function call (eg. Python API) since it wouldn't differ much?
There seems too be another issue, until this morning i've using my kindle fire to learn tilengine thankfully my new pc arrived now, on my tablet it doesnt show documentation or the forum links, only found the forum because of a link in google
Can you provide some details about your tablet? Manufacturer, OS version, web browser... the website uses standard HTML5 with Bootstrap 3.3.4, maybe some features aren't properly rendered on older browsers. Web development is an ongoing issue that requires to have browsers updated.
I was using my kindle fire latest version alone with google chrome latest version, the square in the top right shows on my phone and most others, seems it not renderered on kindle for some reason, the button does work if you know where to press Smile so thats a plus

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