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Help Getting Started
Dose anyone know how to get started using Tilengine in Visual Studio 2017. I have read the pdf docs included with Tilengine and i can hardly find anything online about using visual studio.
The "samples/c" folder has a Tilengine.sln solution file and many ".vcproj" files. Just open the .sln file as usual with any other Visual Studio projects. They're for an older version, when you open it you'll be prompted to convert them to the version you're using, just answer yes and you're done. You should be able to build and run them from VS2017
I opened up Samples.sln and i converted the files and once i get select build it tells me it cannot open file 'Tilengine.lib'

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Hi again!

If you downloaded from GitHub, the package doesn't contain prebuilt binaries of the library (Tilengine.lib/Tilengine.dll), only the packages at have the binaries ready to use.
Once you have that, make sure you read up on how to set up a project when linking to an external library.

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