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some samples doesn't work
Like in the topic. I linked all libs dlls and .h files but samples for actor.c, barrel.c, boss.c, enemy.c, explosion.c., Ship.c, Simon.c shows various undefined references to "TLN_DisableSpriteAnimation", "SetActor", "spritesets", "GetActorTimeout". Even when I copy paste code for test.c from github I got error about undefined reference to "TLN_SetLayerTilemap".

What am I doing wrong?

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Seems that you're mixing different versions of the library and the samples. TLN_DisableSpriteAnimation and TLN_SetLayerTilemap were introduced in release 2.8.4. Missing them means that you're using an older Tilengine dll version. Please make sure that you're linking to current Tilengine 2.8.4.
I used Tilengine.dll from forked Tilengine source by zipxin, because I couldn't find it on your github (among tilengine.lib). Is there other way to obtain those files besides
You can build binaries from source, using Visual Studio Community and providing required dependencies yourself (libpng and sdl2), or you can always get a working build at

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